New Real Voice Changer Apps For Android Mobile

By | March 27, 2022

Best Voice Changer Apps: There are a myriad of fun applications for Android as well as for iPhone One of the categories that has been largely ignored in recent years is those that function best in the role of a voice changer for their users.

Usually, this is accomplished by using a variety of effects. It can be used for a variety of reasons, but it is utilized more often in a comedy context. Although the demand for it has been lower for it, there are several great applications you can utilize to alter your voice.

New Real Voice Changer Apps For Android Mobile

To find out which are the best , and to begin with one, continue reading this article!

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1: Best Voice Changer – Free

Based on the name alone the app which claims to be the most effective in changing the voices of their users, and it’s hard to think of calling an exaggeration. It lets you record audio files , or import existing files in order to include a variety of effects depending on what you like.

This is a completely free to download application which is lightweight and flawlessly functional. In addition to the features we’ve discussed, it allows you to share your recordings with social media sites and change your voice to that of a robot or a ghost and even an alien.2. Effects of the voice changer

It is an application you can use to capture your voice, and then add filters, effects and filters that alter how you sound, creating your voice more pronounced or deeper. One of the best features is that you are able to try out, try various filters and then remove them on the same audio without having to take it back.

You could also share the edited video with other software to give it to your contacts. However, you aren’t able to make use of it during the course of a phone call.

2: Call Voice Changer – IntCall

It is among the top voice changer applications that delivers on its promises and completely alters how you sound. It lets you make use of a wide range of effects.

 It lets you change your voice so that it is higher or even deeper by pressing of one button!

Users who sign up for the app get a no-cost three-day trial period to test the application and are able to decide if they feel it’s worth the effort to sign up. In all phone calls you’ll be able play funny sounds, such as characters from cartoons music for birthdays, greetings and songs in various languages, and more.

3: Funcalls – Call Recording & Voice Changer

All in all, FunCall is a really fantastic way in recording voice recordings, definitely worthy of a place on our top 10 list. It is able to record even when you are on the phone and lets you record any of them you wish and making it one of the most effective voice recording applications available for Android

It’s incredibly simple to use and allows you to listen to and test every effect available at no cost, however it’s not as full of choices as other applications on this list.

4: Super Voice Editor

One of the oldest choices among the top voice changers are Super Voice Editor, which includes a variety of voices, which include more feminine or masculine ones and also heroes as well as children, aliens and many more.

You can edit and split audios within the app itself. It supports WhatsApp to allow you to record voice messages and apply the voice filters in real time within the messaging application.

5: Call Voice Changer Allogag

Contact Voice Changer Allogag is another easy, but effective app that you can download if you are looking to change your voice. It is also a great tool to use when you are on the phone and its interface is user-friendly.

You can add various effects and the app also has a wide range of voices tones if you wish to create your own distinct.

6: Voice Changer Plus

Although you aren’t able to make use of it for phone calls, using this application, you can make and apply voice filters and also share all your recordings no cost! Best Voice Changer Apps


You can pick from a variety of filters , ranging from a robot voice an helium voice, and that from Darth Vader himself. Additionally you can also increase the speed of your voice, decrease the speed of your voice, and even play it backwards.

7: Voice Changer (AndroidRock)

Voice Changer, created by AndroidRock, is one of the most effective apps for changing your voice, especially because it includes a variety of effects that you won’t find in other apps.

It allows you to take a recording of your voice (or transfer an already recorded voice file) before applying the filter you like. It’s free to use. 

8: Best Voice Changer Apps – Handy Tools Studio

With this application it is not just possible to pick voices of your favourite superhero however, you can also be a robot, an alien animal, a robot and much more. You can also record and sing music using its voice filters and also edit them, and then share them.

That is, you can utilize this application in a similar way to an autotune that allows you to make you sound just like the top singers using the effects like turntable, choir studio reverb, theatre show, and so on.

9: VoiceFX

VoiceFX is a efficient alternative among the top software for voice changers which you can utilize to record and alter how you sound by using its many audio effects.

Within the app, you are able to make use of Live Playback in order to use the app to speak into it and then have it play back the conversation with the effects applied.


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