How To Back Up Your Android Whatsapp Data On Google Drive

By | December 1, 2022
You can use your WhatsApp data backup to load WhatsApp on a different device.

WhatsApp, if you’re an Android user, will backup your data using Google Drive as it does with iCloud for iOS.

How To Back Up Your Android Whatsapp Data On Google Drive

WhatsApp automatically saves your chat history and backs it up to your device’s memory. Depend on the settings of your phone, you can also backup your chat to Google Drive. You won’t lose your data even after you remove the app from your phone or reinstall it.

How do I recover my data from Google Drive?

The process is very simple. These are the steps to follow:

  • Start WhatsApp on your phone and tap Continue
  • Enter your phone digits for verification
  • Click on Next or OK
  • Click on Continue or Restore
  • Mention your Name and click Next

Now you can access your WhatsApp data from any Android device. You just need to sign in using the same account that you used to back up your data.

All your data is now stored on Google Drive.

 In the event that your device is damaged or lost, you can restore chats. You can switch between Android and Android, but not iOS and vice versa.

You can recover any WhatsApp data deleted with recovery delete messages. WhatsApp deleted messages recovery app will attempt to backup and restore any media or unseen messages via your notification history. You can view deleted messages to see what friends have deleted. Whatsdelete keeps track of all notifications of WA with user permission. WhatsRemoved recovers deleted messages from WhatsApp by scanning your device notification.

The Auto WhatsApp Deleted Messages Recovery app scans only notifications to recover text messages. WhatsApp cannot view the history of deleted messages as they are encrypted and cannot be accessed directly. How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages?


WhatsApp messages deleted back up can’t be access directly. All data and messages are encrypt. You can access deleted messages by contacting the user with permission to retrieve them and make a backup. Snapchat’s deleted messages recovery app will notify you immediately if it detects any data loss from the other side. Anti delete for WhatsApp message allows you to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages.

Recover deleted message with WhatsApp message recovery app

Snapchat messages can be recover by scanning the notifications on your device.


All deleted messages can now be access and recover. All RecoverDeleted Messages, a utility app for WhatsApp, allows you to quickly recover deleted WhatsApp messages.


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