How to Find Telenor Sim Number Without Balance

By | April 14, 2022

If you want to confirm the Telenor SIM number, this article will help. I can provide you with the Telenor number verification code you can use to find your personal SIM number.  How to find telenor sim number without balance telenor customers may be faced with is that purchasers usually do not remember their Telenor SIM number. Before we get started I’d like to inform that you need to check our website regularly to win the chance to win a free internet MBS.

They could be MBB, Web SIMs Postpaid, Enterprise, and Web SIMs are available. Here we have listed all of these methods below and suggest you employ any that works to verify the Telenor number. We will update the article every day and will add new sets of information and questions.

How to Find Telenor Sim Number Without Balance

There is a common misconception that people ignore to check their Telenor SIM quantity they usually have no idea how to locate the SIM number. This is the reason why I’ve compiled simple solutions which are crucial in obtaining your Telenor number. By using them it is possible to receive your SIM number. I’ve covered all the methods that could be used to check the Telenor number you have. It is possible to verify your number using any within any of the above.

  1. Send SMS to 7421 to receive the number
  2. Call 7421 to confirm the amount
  3. By Miss name, a number that is different from the number
  4. Utilizing My Telenor App
  5. Through the website


The easiest way to see the Telenor number, it is through the Message Write option.

 From here, send an SMS message “My number is” or a clean. In a matter of seconds after sending an SMS, you’ll receive the sim number back without any SMS charges.

Through Name

Contact the 7421 IVR, which is free of charge and, after the call, you’ll receive the number via SMS.

In the absence of a name

You can give a missed number on your phone number to any number that is similar to family members or friends. In this way, your SIM number will be accessible in the form of missed calls on an another number from which you registered a name.

By using My Telenor App

  • Install and configure and set up the application My Telenor app.
  • Go to My Telenor app. My Telenor app.
  • Select the Begin button.
  • Your Telenor number can be seen on the Telenor home screen of the app. From here, you have the ability to view and write it out in a simple manner.

Live Chat (Website Live Chat)

The most straightforward method of checking your Telenor SIM number is via an online chat. It is possible to talk with an Telenor consultant on the internet and talk about the issue. Chat is available through Telenor’s official site.

  • Visit this page for Telenor website for official customer care assistance by clicking this link.
  • Enter your name and a different number for your cell phone.
  • Click on the “Begin Chat” button.
  • Start typing your query and then provide the information of the questions that your consultant is likely to inquire about you. He’ll inquire about your name, CNIC, and IMSI number.
  • After reviewing the tiny print, the consultant will give you the Telenor number and the component.

Telenor Codings for Quantity Examination

By using the method described above hopefully, it will be possible to check your Telenor number. If you have any questions regarding the number, please let me know via the below feedback. If you like this article, don’t shy away from helping others by sharing the post on social profiles.


How do I confirm my Telenor SIM number?

By dialing the following code: *8888# You’ll be able to see your Telenor sim number in your cell’s display screen at no cost.

How do I check my SIM number?

  • Go into Settings.
  • Feaucet About Cellphone.
  • Faucet Standing.
  • Faucet SIM Card Standing.
  • Scroll down until ICCID.
  • This is the SIM card number.

How do I confirm my Telenor number 2021?

Another method is the choice to Telenor 345 Ask them to confirm your Telenor number, provide them with the details listed above They’ll provide you with your Telenor sim number.


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