How to Get Zong Free SMS Without Balance

By | September 29, 2022

Get zong free SMS without balance: Zong has just announced a brand new FREE SMS coupon! This is a great opportunity for all who require unlimited and free SMS. You can utilize this code anytime. Simply enter the code to get free SMS for no cost!

How to Get Zong Free SMS Without Balance

In the event of an emergency, or if you do not have a credit card in case of an emergency, you can make use of SMS to reach out to a number of. It’s good to make use of SMS for short text messages like “Please call me back.”

The codes are 100% effective of the time and you can use them anyplace. You can also utilize them to make free text messages to any number you wish.

 It is possible to use them multiple times. these codes may be used isn’t limited.This will be the first occasion a service provider has provided so many texts for free.

Zong SMS Free Code

Zong offers a variety of codes to market in order to give you free SMS on a regular basis. We’ve just learned that Zong has just released the latest Free SMS Code! The most appealing thing is that you do not have to pay to use this SMS. This code can be used any time.

In the event that you do not have connectivity or data however, you are able to send an SMS to your contacts.

 These codes are useful for those who are new or have already subscribed.

How to send free SMS to Zong

Free SMS messages are an excellent option for someone who is in a state of imbalance and may be experiencing an emergency. Therefore, you can text a family member or friend to request an amount. You must know the steps to follow when using the wrong code in order to receive Zong’s free text message. Zong. If you follow these easy steps, you will be able to quickly make use of this SMS offer.

  1. Dial the phone’s dial pad and dial *100#.
  2. The next reply will be “1”
  3. Enter the receiver’s phone number, then press send.
  4. A delivery notification will be sent back to you to confirm.

The offer is only valid for one day, however you are able to utilize it as often as you like. You can send SMS to any mobile network that supports PTCL.

Zong 15-Day SMS Bundle

The two-week SMS bundle is the ideal choice due to the quantity of SMS as well as the price. When you pay at least Rs. 149, you are able to apply for this package and then activate it on your mobile. The client will receive 1000 text messages every all day long for 15 days.

When the 15-day timeframe the bundle will end, but you will be able to subscribe again should you require it.

Let’s look at the activation information for the package:

  • Start the dialer on your phone and enter “*7000”
  • Write a note “Sub” and send it to 701.
  • It will prompt you to respond. Enter “1”
  • It will send you an email to confirm the activation of your offer.

You are also aware of these details regarding the time and price:

  • The fee of Rs. 0.10 per paisa will be imposed for each inquiry.
  • The validity period for packages is 15 days.
  • The cost of the bundle is in the range of Rs. 149.
  • The total number of SMS sent is 15000, however you can only send 1000 SMS per day.

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Apart from the free options In addition, there are some paid bundles that are also available. If you’re a frequent user, it’s a wise choice to choose the paid options. There are numerous options for SMS that are available from Zong. I would suggest using the SMS package for 15 days.


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