How to Obtain Netflix Subscriptions in Pakistan

By | April 26, 2022

How to Obtain Netflix Subscriptions in Pakistan: Netflix can be describ as an American streaming service that gives an array of films and TV series documentary, anime, and more. in the most popular languages across the world. Its headquarters are located in Los Gatos, USA, the streaming service, created in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph it was first launched in 1997 and has become a global phenomenon over the past few years. Based on Wikipedia, Netflix had over 221.8 million users worldwide as of December 2021. Let us show you how to access Netflix subscriptions in Pakistan.

How to Obtain Netflix Subscriptions in Pakistan

You can stream whatever you’d like on Netflix by using your smart TV or laptop, computer tablet, mobile phone, Playstation, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Blu-ray players as often as you want.

 All you need is a reliable Internet connection as well as a plan of payment that fits your budget. In addition, Netflix is devoid of commercials, which results in the best watching experience.

There is no way to get bore with Netflix in Pakistan due to the fresh content add each week. When you browse through the various types of content and services available it is guaranteed to discover something new each time. Netflix also offers video in demand (VOD) which allows the downloading of all of your most loved video clips in HD.

Netflix Packages as well as Fee Plans in Pakistan

Netflix’s plans begin at 250 to Rs. 250 up to. 1,100 per month. There are no hidden fees or contracts as well as up to four users can join one plan between the four. It has a range of plans that you can pick from, and you may end your subscription at any point should you be dissatisfied by the services. Whatever plan you select the first month is free. What else could you need?

Netflix Mobile Plan

In the past year, Netflix is introducing a plan for mobile that’s affordable for Pakistani customers. For just Rs. 250 per month, you are able to enjoy Netflix from the comfort of your workplace, at home or even while taking a vacation. Additionally, you don’t require an VPN or any other methods to access this incredible platform that offers a wide range of content.

Netflix Basic Plan

This month-long subscription is available to only one person and allows users to be able to watch only one screen at a. It doesn’t offer Ultra HD or HD quality as well as downloads are restricted to a single device.

Netflix Standard HD Plan

The plan allows two viewers to utilize two devices simultaneously. Although you are able to use this plan with anyone you like however, it doesn’t offer Ultra HD or HD quality as well as downloads are restricted only to 2 devices.

Netflix Premium Plan

It is the most popular plan, as it permits four users to access four devices at the same time for only Rs.1,100 per month. It comes with Ultra HD and quality HD and allows you to download your most loved videos to four different devices.

What is the best way to Pay for Netflix in Pakistan

When you’ve decided on any of Netflix packages you would like to sign up for There are two options to pay for Netflix payments in Pakistan:

Pay for your payment on a website:

  1. In the text box. Click on the button ‘Get start’.
  2. Select a strategy.
  3. Enter your credit or debit card details.
  4. Sign up.

You may also opt to end your subscription after you have availed of the initial free month.

Netflix Payments Using PTCL:

If your bank doesn’t allow payment to Netflix or If you’re not a cardholder with a credit or debit card You can decide to pay through PTCL.


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