How Can Obtain an International Driving license in Pakistan

By | April 20, 2022

A driver’s license that is international is necessary if you regularly travel internationally, and could be useful if are planning to perform transport-related tasks in different countries. A driving license for international travel is easy to obtain in Pakistan in particular when you have an official driving license issued by the state, making the process easier and less complicated. If you’re not familiar with the procedure, here’s the steps to apply for an international driver licence in Pakistan.

How Can Obtain an International Driving license in Pakistan

If you possess an official driving license that is valid and issued by your state, the procedure of getting an international license becomes easier, if not you need to visit the local licensing office to request it.

It is important to note that an international driving license is obtained from the same location where you obtained your driving license from. If you’ve recently received your local driving license, you may apply for an immediate international license the following day. Obtain an International Driving license.

In order to get the International License in Islamabad

If a resident of Islamabad requires an international driving license They should go to the Citizen Facilitation Centre in G-11/4. It takes 7 days and costs Rs.1,050. A permit for urgent travel costs the equivalent of Rs. 2,050 and can be issued in just 24 hours.

Documents that are required

  • Two passport-size photographs.
  • A photocopy of your driving licence is issued by Islamabad Traffic Police.
  • The passport photocopy (valid) and your visa (valid).
  • Photocopies of the CNIC of the person who applied.
  • Stamp for driving of Rs. 30 is available from the Post Office.
  • A proof of residence in the capital of the nation.
  • Medical certificate (if necessary, for 50 and over)

Then, you fill it in and attach the required documents, and send it in.

The process of obtaining the International License in Punjab

First, make an appointment through first, the Rasta App. The appointment can be reserved in advance through Punjab IT Board. Punjab IT Board. The Rasta application is available to download for Apple as well as Android devices. After that, you need to fill in your CNIC information and other information. Once you have completed this, you are able to make an appointment with the center for licensing that is closest to your home. You can select the times which best fit your needs. Additionally, you can select the purpose of your visit from the available list.

It is also possible to use the Rasta App could also be utilize to perform other beneficial services such as applying for a learners’ license and even handling issues that pertain to driver’s licenses in the nation.

Documents that are required

The application form that is complete must be submitte along with the require documents:

  • Two attested passport-size photographs.
  • A certified photocopy from the (valid) CNIC.
  • Photocopies from your (valid) passport.
  • An image of your (valid) driver’s license from your country of origin.
  • Medical certificate (if required, for those aged 50 and over).
  • A ticket of Rs. 66 fine from District Court. District Court.
  • A fee of Rs. 500 fee voucher that was paid to HBL.

Candidates can speed up the process when they already have an existing driving license in their local area. If you possess a driving license in your local area and you are a resident of the United States, your new license will be issued inside 24 hours. If not, visit the same license center to obtain an international license. But delays like this are not common.

Inquiring for an International License in Sindh

This site can be use to make an appointment online and also to select a center.

Residents of Karachi must choose between Karachi residents should choose Clifton as well as Nazimabad branches. Appointments for both branches can be schedule on the internet.

Documents Require

  • Three or two) passport-sized photographs.
  • An image of your driving licence that was issue by Sindh Police.
  • One photocopy of the driving license (valid) and a visa (valid).
  • One Photocopy of your CNIC.
  • Evidence of residency of the applicant Sindh.
  • Medical certificate (if necessary, for 50 and over).

In order to get the International License in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Candidates who are from Peshawar or other parts within Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) may make a visit to Tasneem Plaza near the Benevolent Fund Building. The place to go is Room 11 on second floor in this manner.

Documents that are require

The following documents must be include on the application form.

  • Two passport-sized photographs.
  • Photocopies of your current driver’s license (valid).
  • Photographic copies of passports (valid) and your visa (valid)
  • Photographic copy of the CNIC.
  • Evidence of residency.
  • Stamp for driving postage.
  • Medical certificate (if required, for those aged 50 and over).

How to get the International License in Balochistan

The applicants must visit at the Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz, and should have a valid local driver’s license in order to be able to apply for an international driving permit. The processing cost is the cost of Rs. 66 towards the court fees ticket , apart from the amount of Rs. 350 for the bank transaction.

Documents Required

  • International application form inside the file cover.
  • Original CNIC
  • An authentic Copy of CNIC.
  • Original driver’s license.
  • An original copy of the driver’s permit (valid) valid in Quetta.
  • Original passport.
  • A photocopy from the Pakistani passport (valid for at least 6 months) together with your Visa (valid).
  • Two attested passport-size photographs.

The driver’s license issue internationally will be issue at the address of the person apply within 5 days of the date of application.


The international driving licence contains all the information needed regarding the individual. It cannot however be used for a long time as an identity proof for the holder.

If you have lost your ID card, you must get a new one issue as soon as it is feasible, and the card is able to be use as the interim. This will ensure that your daily activities do not get interrupted.

You could also rent a vehicle in the country that you reside in and reduce the cost of additional travel.

 Additionally, you will cut down on time and effort by not waiting in long lines at bus or train stations, and also avoid the hassle of public transportation.


This article will provide solutions to all of your international questions regarding driving licenses. However, here are the responses to some frequently asked questions you might still be asking.

Which countries recognize Pakistani driver’s licenses?

More than 100 nations accept internationally issued driving licences from Pakistan. These include:

  • Argentina
  • United States of America
  • UK
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Japan
  • Cameroon
  • Egypt
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Hong Kong
  • Iran
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Nepal
  • Singapore
  • Tanzania
  • Turkey
  • Yemen
  • Zimbabwe

How do you get an Pakistani driving license if you already have an international driving permit?

If you reside in another country and are interested in applying for the Pakistani driving permit, the very first step you need to do is sign onto the DLIMS website and download the application form for license. Fill in the form and send it along with the necessary documents. Then, you’ll be issued your certificate in the shortest amount of time. Obtain an International Driving license.

Do I get the international driver’s permit (IDP) in Islamabad even if my driving license is from another province?

It is recommende to submit your IDP at the same center where you obtaine your licence to drive from. If you wish to apply to Islamabad you can get it completed as well. To do this you must include the following additional documents with the application form:

  • Computerized driving licence.
  • NoC from the relevant district administration.
  • Evidence of residence at Islamabad.

We would love to hear if you think this article is helpful to you. If you have any additional questions be sure to mention them in the comments in the comments below.


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